Thursday, October 30, 2014

long year, no posts

Haven't blogged in a while, actually just told a friend about my site and realized it's been way too long. Rough year. 3 deaths my gramma, my favorite aunt and best childhood friend. Full time volunteer work, stress, lost 3 hens to natural causes, had a hawk take a rabbit, dog got skunked.... and then the every day stuff. I shouldn't complain, could be worse! I have lots of new stuff to blog! Hope my followers are still reading! Thanks for your support.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lost one of my best friends.

3/2/14 Baby Kitty Lost his fight for life. He suffered complications due to his fractured pelvis he developed at 6 weeks.
Toughest thing to do is say goodbye to someone you love so much. I know Baby was a Kitty but he was my fur baby and he needed me to care for him. We had to let our baby go early this morning around 1 am. He had some complications from a minor procedure and he never recovered back to himself. but he had an awesome life and a good quality of life running around this house and jumping, things we never thought he could do. Its hard because he was only a Kitten, barely 10 months. Nobody could care for him better. Nobody could love him more.
feeling heartbroken. .