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I'm a simple blue jean, muck boot wearing, red hair in a pony tail, sitting on my swing under the apple tree, country girl.
My name is Stephanie, I was born in rural southertier NY and as a child we lived a pretty simple country farm life. I wasnt the girly girl, but was outside swinging a hammer "designing" a tree house with my brother. We used our imaginations occupy ourselves, I think this is what encourages and stimulates growth and artistic flair. I am one of Jehovahs Witnesses, and I devote much of my time to study of the Bible and my Ministry, this is the number one priority in my life, so my blog and my hobbies come after. I like being busy and doing new things. I also Love the outdoors, and living next to a ski resort helped, and I became and avid snowboarder and Instructor. I enjoy spending time camping, canoeing, gardening, photography and enjoying nature ~ I love bird watching!

In 2000 I married my best friend and shop partner Steve, he truly is my other half. He is by trade an auto body/ collision tech, welder and talented painter. The spoon rings and metal work in my Shop is generally created by him. He also does wood working too and currently works as a finisher, and he loves to scavenge and scrap! We constantly are finding the most awesome rustic pieces thanks to his scavenging. He has taught me so much and now I can use most of his tools to restore vintage pieces.

We just moved back to my childhood "hobby farm" in Southerntier NY and are enjoying the simple quiet country life once again. Quiet as I hear the rooster crowing, the honey bees buzzing, the dogs barking, cats meowing and my uncles pig grunting around...oh yeah and the farmer plowing up the field below, or is that my hubby on his tractor? It is here where my art and creativity began and its fitting to be here designing for my shop. I love an easy country style but with a flair for the hippie, bohemian feel mixed in. I try to reflect that in my shop and hope to attract a variety of individuals. I try to recycle or upcycle as much as I can, but never limit myself on the materials I can use.

We strive to do our best work and because its just us we can offer excellent customer service, custom designs to meet your individual needs, and we also arent a huge company mass producing items so you will get a unique item, but with the abilty to produce similars if you need for special occasions, like wedding parties or such.
So come on in and look around or drop me a line for a custom design.
Now I gotta go feed the chickens. :)

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