Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Homemade Detergent Results

I thought I would post an update to my Homemade Laundry Soap Project. So far it has been working great, I dont see any negative side effects and it cleans as well if not better than normal store bought detergent. The freshness last a long ways. I just finished using up the first batch of soap and it lasted a total of 4 months for me, but I also gave quite a bit away, to my mom, my sister in law, my aunt, and a friend. If I had that back I think I could have easily gotten 6 months or more out of the first batch!! What a savings! Less than $20 for 6 month supply of soap! I made another batch today, but I changed up the recipe just a pinch, I am trying "Zote" Soap along with the Fels Naptha, Zote is also a natural cleaner and its great for whites. The Zote is a bigger bar than the Fels, so you can use just the Zote and get more bar soap for your money. The Zote is a little bit softer than the fels when you grate it. I also love that the Zote is pink! Gives it a fun color along with the yellow Fels. I also used a new Laundry Crystal this time as well. Its Purex for babies. Its safe for washing PJs, hypoallergenic and 87% natural, so its gentle on babies skin! It also has a great light scent!
I will repost again in a few months on how the new mix is working! Oh yeah I found another new trick: Add a tennis ball to your dryer, it will cut your dry time in half!