Monday, June 3, 2013

Responsible Pet Parenting

  I would have to say that I am a huge animal person. I have always felt a need to have a family of dogs or cats, or whatever comes into the yard or my life for that matter. Seems like I am always rescuing or saving something, its nothing new for us. I had yet another occasion to rescue a kitten this past weekend, he was neglected, 4 weeks old and very sick. Most likely if he had made it another day it would have been a miracle. This guy doenst even have his eyes open because they were so badly infected, from the upper respiratory he has. Things like this anger me so much. I mean if you cant handle the responsibilty of animals then dont have them. If you do choose to have them then get them spayed or neutered, so that they cant become out of control in litters of unwanted, uncared for babies. And even at that if you do find you cant care for your pet in a responsible way or if circumstances extremely change in your life then seek help, call a shelter or a no kill SPCA. Its cruel and disgusting to let something so tiny go to the brink of death, and it doesnt even matter how small, letting anything be so badly neglected and without any care is terrible. If you see cases of animal abuse, do something, call your local SPCA, and keep calling until you see results. Sometimes, the best way to get the job done well is to roll up your sleeves, put on your boots and head to where the animals need us most.
  On a positive note, our guy is getting better, steady improvement and only after 3 days. He is eating, drinking, pottying, and purrs like crazy when you hold him. He is on antibiotics twice a day, has special vitamin formula for nutrients every hour, eye salve every 2-4 hours, special kitty food when he wants it, and he drinks from a dropper right now. Unfortuantely his eyes are still something we are unsure of, we are hopeful but we are also expecting the chance that he may be blind. But even at that he is a very happy boy and doesnt seem to know the difference. Let me just say though, so far he has very good ears and sense of smell, especially for his food! He has definitly crawled right into my heart. I will post updates as I can.

Waking him up for pictures. :)

                   Stretch and Yawn! :)


  1. What a sweet kitty. I agree wholeheartedly about pet ownership!
    I hope he gets well and is able to see, I'm so glad your rescued him.

    1. Thanks for the comment Dorothy! I couldnt have lived with myself had I left him. I am seeing improvement in his eye I think he can see some movements! Good sign!


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